2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: OLB Sam Williams

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Sam Williams has average reactive athleticism with regards to his lateral mobility to get through trash and to the football as a pursuit player. In the run game, he can set the edge. He is a player who is stronger than he is explosive and has shown the ability to hold the point of attack. He's more effective when he is given the chance to play decisive and move forward. In the passing game, he's mainly an upfield rusher who struggles to retrace or when his initial move has been thwarted. He's neither a dynamic nor explosive athlete, but has moments of playing with good effort. When he is in obvious passing situations and he has the green light, he has the ability to collapse tackles. 

Ideal Role: PUDFA/Developmental player.

Scheme Fit: Ideally suited to play in a 3-4 defense.

Written by Drae Harris

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Written By:

Drae Harris

Senior NFL Draft Analyst

Drae Harris is a Senior NFL Draft Analyst and seven-year scouting veteran in the NFL. He's a former player for the Cal Golden Bears and San Francisco 49ers.

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