Christian Harris NFL Draft Player Breakdown

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Christian Harris NFL Draft

Christian Harris is a three-year starter for the Alabama Crimson Tide defense, having started since his true freshman year. Harris is a former 4-star recruit that played multiple different positions in high school, including tight end, cornerback, and the starting punt returner.

His athletic background shows itself in his linebacker play at Alabama. Harris looks the part of an NFL linebacker with a strong upper body and a thick, muscular lower half. Combined with this frame, Harris is also an exceptional athlete that thrives at playing space. He has the versatility to cover backs out of the backfield and run with TEs vertically up the seams. In the run game, he is a physical presence that can deliver physical blows to ball-carriers.

Harris is a versatile linebacker that has three-down value in the NFL because he can play against the run and has the athleticism to match up with TEs and RBs in pass coverage.

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