Daniel Faalele NFL Draft Player Breakdown

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Daniel Faalele NFL Draft

Daniel Faalele projects as a viable starting offensive tackle at the NFL level despite some areas of improvement needed throughout his game. Faalele is a freakishly large athlete for the game and moves with more agility and grace than you'd ever expect from a man of his stature. Add in his raw size and it is clear that Faalele offers the "unteachable" dynamics of the position and will likely be coveted as a result of having all the tools in the toolbox and simply needing refinement on his technique.

Opting out of the 2020 college football season cost Faalele some valuable repetitions in his player development, but nevertheless, he's continued to show enough instinct and feel for the position in his return to the field in 2021 for teams to have comfort that he's still simply scratching the surface of what he can be as a blocker. Given Faalele's relative inexperience to the game—he was a former rugby player who has only three seasons of starting experience at Minnesota—Faalele's ceiling is unquestionably high.

There's a dynamic of risk and reward here that needs to be weighed, but teams with accomplished offensive line coaches who are comfortable in player development should not shy away from the challenges that come with an investment here. 

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