Matt Corral NFL Draft Player Breakdown

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Matt Corral NFL Draft

Matt Corral shows good athleticism when maneuvering outside of the pocket. In the run game, he can convert critical third downs with his legs but clearly wants to deliver it from the pocket if he can. He did a much better job in 2021 of discerning when to use his legs. Defenses must account for him in the zone-read aspect of the game, as he demonstrates the ability to “pull it” from the mesh and threaten the defense.

In the passing game, he is highly effective and productive in Ole Miss’ offense. He’s led a high-powered Rebel offense in 2021 while completing 68% of his passes en route to throwing for 3,333 yards and 20 TDs. However, the area he has shown the most growth in is his ability to take care of the football. He eliminated the multi-turnover games that plagued him in 2020, only accounting for four interceptions to date. He demonstrates situational awareness over the course of the game with regard to time and score. He throws with pinpoint accuracy between the numbers and in short-to-intermediate situations.

While some cold-weather teams may have reservations about his ability to drive it down the field with his sufficient-level arm strength, overall, he has proven this year that he could have success in an offense with NFL concepts.

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